Treks in Israel

Go deep into the remote and barely explored parts of the Israeli trek_iconbackcountry. Many trek routes are available in Israel, from north to south. If you more about water and green landscape, you can make the shore to shore trek, that starts from the Mediterranean, ascending to mount Meiron through Kziv creek, and then Descending all the way down through Amud creek to the Sea of Galilee. Other popular treks in Israel are the desert treks. There are plenty of trek routes in the Israeli desert, both in the Negev and Juda’s desert areas. Most of them go deep into the desert, sometimes without seeing any sign to human civilization for days. If you do the desert treks right after the flash-flood season, you’ll probably encounter some nice cisterns. for conclusion, there are many treks in Israel of many kinds, let Lutra find the best treks in Israel for you and your companions.

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