Canyoning in Israel

Canyoning in Juda’s Desert & the Golan Heights

Most of the impressive canyons in Israel can be found in Juda’s snep_icondesert. These canyons are magnificent and unique, descending from the desert’s highland to the Dead Sea. The canyons has relatively sharp gradient, from the elevation of the desert’s highland (~400-500m or ~1400ft) to the Dead Sea (-413m 1355ft). The canyons can be very deep, sometimes more then 200m,  with extremely narrow gorges, in some place less then 1 meter of width. some of the canyons can only be fully explored using ropes and other canyoning equipment because of the high waterfalls and the deep canyons, which makes them very challenging and undiscovered. The highest permitted canyon has a waterfall 118m (387ft) tall. At the northern part of Israel there is a very popular and nice steady canyon with some nice waterfalls as well.

Canyoning in Jordan

Another great option for canyoning in Israel, or more accurately near Israel, is Jordan – with all-year-long water flowing canyons, and the combination of sandstone and limestone, some experts say it’s one of the best locations in the world.
The best season for Canyoning in Israel & Jordan is between March and October, although you can find the right time between October and March.
Highly recommended, a particular, unforgettable experience for everyone.

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