Lutra is focusing mostly on outdoor recreational activities, from simple ones like day-hikes and site-seeing to the extremes – canyoning, rappelling, caving, desert backpacking and more. We can also produce events of any kind in variety of levels in the outdoors. 


Safety - considering the fact we are dealing with unusual activities, we give great attention to safety, with zero accidents.

Reliability - we will do everything we can to give you the convenient feeling that you are in good hands, by giving you the best costumer support, personal attention, and by taking care of any small detail from A to Z.

Positive experience - we care a lot about the experience of each and every one of our clients, that’s because we love our country and we want you to love it too.


Rappelling, Canyoning & Climbing - Among Lutra founders are ex-soldiers and officers from unit 669, with plenty of experience in all extreme domains, with both army qualifications and state certifications.

Outdoor & survival skills - Among Lutra founders are ex-soldiers and officers from unit 669 and Shaldag unit, and been through long and comprehensive training, learning to master those skills. Beyond that, since their youth, all of the crew members has strong orientation to the outdoors, especially to the Israeli outdoors.

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